Indroduction of Siddha

The Indian System of medicine is of great antiquity. It is the culmination of Indian thought of medicine which represents a way of healthy living valued with a long and unique cultural history.

The Siddha System is one of the oldest systems medicine in India and is practiced in the Tamil speaking parts of India and abroad. The term Siddha means achievements and Siddhars were saintly persons who achieved results in medicine.

Eighteen Siddhars were said to have contributed towards the development of this medical system. Siddha literature is in Tamil and is largely therapeutic in nature.

The Siddha System of medicine emphasizes that medical treatment is oriented not merely to disease but has to take into account the patient, the environment, age, sex, race, habits, mental frame, habitat, diet, appetite, physical condition, physiological constitution, etc. This means the system has to be individualistic and ensures a low probability of incorrect diagnosis or treatment.

The system has developed a unique treasure house of drug based on mostly plant orgin.

During the last four decades there has been continuous development in Siddha medical education and this has led to the establishment of the national institute of Siddha at Chennai, an apex institute having specialties in post graduate teaching and training.

Laying down the Pharmacopoeial standards for Siddha for single and compound drugs is essential as Pharmacopoeial standards are important and are mandatory for the implementation of the drug.